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3448 Villa Lane Suite 105

Private Entrance, Rear Parking Lot

Napa, CA 94558


707-255-6383 Main Office

707-255-1115 Fax


Monday - Thursday  

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Friday - Sunday

By Appointment Only


Lindsay Groff ~ Hearing Aid Dispenser (CA) HA 7027, Owner & DOL / Workman's Compensation Provider

Steven Groff ~ Consultant for Wireless Technologies and Director of Community Services Program

My name is Lindsay Groff, I am the proud owner of 1st Custom Digital Hearing Aid Center. But more importantly; I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a friend.

For each one of my clients I take the time to ask "What if...?" What if this was my beloved grandmother, my mom, my sibling, my husband, my child or my friend. What if this was me? What would I want? I believe it is my responsibility to evaluate what is best for my client from more than just my own perspective.

Too many offices "sell" to meet a quota or are locked into product lines due to financial partnerships. These offices start pricing high and negotiate down. They convince people that they require an expensive product that has more features than they need or technology they do not use. This practice is called "overselling."

Our goal is to provide you with advanced instruments at a reasonable price.

You have heard the phrase "Well you know them better than I do..."! If I am doing my job than I KNOW my clients. I know what they want. I know how they feel. I know their goals. I know how their loved ones feel. I open myself up to those perspectives to help guide my client to a decision on their terms. For me, It is not about selling the most "advanced technology" to every person, it’s about knowing what my client needs and wants; it’s about finding a cost effective solution that meets those expectations, whether the client wants the best hearing aid in the world or a simple economic solution.

I feel honored each time a client selects our office as their Hearing Aid Provider. My goal is to provide highly personalized service and hearing aid programming. When the time is taken to ensure that the hearing aid programming is compatible with not only the hearing loss, but the individual lifestyle of each client we can expect a better fitting outcome. This is likely the reason that the majority of our new clientele are referred by our current clientele. We build relationships with our clients that last year after year.

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